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WHAT IS GREATER U INSTITUTE? Greater U Institute is a one-stop premiere training facility for

personal appearance beauty professionals!

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There are only 1900 schools in the United States but there is not one that houses training for all programs in one place, or focuses on specialty licensing which allows students to graduate and become licensed working professionals at a fast pace. In order for students to gain multiple licensing students are required to transfer to several different schools. Most training facilities and staff are outdated, lack passion, and the drive needed for the future of the beauty industry!


Greater U Institute is unlike any cosmetology training facility. We offer cross training in multiple sectors: Cosmetology, nail tech, barbering, esthetician, massage therapy, photography, tattoo artistry and so much more. GUI is unique in its training because we bring guest educators who are considered leading experts in their chosen field!

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GUI is at the very beginning! In our initial angel investors meeting, we raised $10,333. So far this has allowed us to complete the required state curriculum, higher a web designer, and marketing team. We are seeking a minimum of $70,000 to help with the cost of build-out, and to purchase the tools and equipment required by the state of Texas to house a personal appearance facility.

Rumi said it best “A candle does not lose its light by lighting another”. With your donations, Greater U Institute can light up the world! At Greater U Institute we are your partners in shaping a Greater U!


What is Greater U Institute?

GUI is a training facility for Personal Appearance Professionals for every segment of the beauty industry under one roof! We offer training for cosmetology, nail techs, massage therapy, esthetician, barbering, and photography etc.

When will Greater U Institute start enrollment?

We will begin enrollment Spring of 2020.

Where is Greater U institute located?

We will have our first institution located in Fort Worth, Texas.

What will the crowdfunding monetary contributions be used for?

Greater U Institute is crowdfunding to pay for the building, and equipment required and needed by the state of Texas to open and house a training facility for personal appearance professionals.

When can I expect to receive my reward for my monetary contribution?

All tangible gifts (ie. Books, pens, note pads etc.) Will be mailed out within 3 weeks after the close of the crowdfunding campaign. All other rewards ie. the Webinar Tutorial, and Council of Great’s will receive an email within 3 weeks after the close of the crowdfunding campaign discussing date, time, and platform to be used for the 2 hour beauty tutorial event and web meetings for the council.